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Our Story

Travelling has changed a lot in the past few years. Technology and digitisation has made comparison of hotel and flight prices much easier, and also created new travel companies such as Airbnb to bring cheaper accommodation and better experiences. In addition, the proliferation of low cost carriers and competition from global airlines has lowered flight prices regionally and globally. We're glad that more people are able to take more trips to experience different food and culture around the world.

We're strong believers of leaving the world better than when we found it, so we thoughtfully designed Wander Travel Essentials products based on functionality, quality and eco-friendliness. By creating quality products, we aim to reduce spoilage and wastage. As scuba divers, plastic waste in marine environments is a huge issue close to our hearts, and we hope to play a part in reducing plastic pollution.

Retailer mark-ups often make up a huge portion of product prices, so we've taken the direct to consumer approach. By keeping our operational costs low, travellers can get the same top quality materials used by premium brands at a lower price.

Using Wander means getting more out of your trips, either through Wander Travel Essentials to make your trips smoother and stress-free, or Wander Journal's hacks and tips to experience luxury travel on a budget.

With that, we say go Wander!

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